Upcoming Events

Compliance & Safety Overview Webinar

Join Ben Leggett for an overview of compliance and safety considerations in your distillery. If you feel like you don’t know what you don’t know about compliance, Ben will be going through all some of the universal truths and some of the ways he tackled compliance at Elemental Distillery.

     Date: 14 August 2023
     Time: 9.30am

Missed it?: go to our Member’s Only Resource area for a recording of the webinar

What’s Gold Got to Do With It?

Tash McGill, a respected spirits writer, consultant and judge at spirits and food & beverage competitions here in New Zealand and offshore will discuss the different types of awards, how different styles of judging work, what they’re trying to achieve and how to leverage an awards and competition strategy for your own business. This webinar format will allow plenty of time for questions, interaction and opinion.

     Date: 11 September 2023
     Time: 10.00am

Missed it?: go to our Member’s Only Resource area for a recording of the webinar

Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) Masterclass

Running over two days, the event will feature technical elements including distilling technology, chemistry and equipment, expert speakers and insights on business and safety.

Lodge your interest here – noting that minimum numbers are required before it can be run in NZ.

The Masterclass is the ideal technical overview, aligned with the global industry’s technical standard of distilling education. It is perfect for individuals who want more knowledge about the technical elements of distilling and is a good complement for anyone who is currently doing, or planning to do, the General Certificate of Distilling exam.


Thursday 2 November

  • Welcome
  • Chemistry overview – critical transformations and why understanding them is important
  • Distillery safety – what to know, what to plan for and steps you can take
  • Raw ingredients overview – choosing, receiving, processing
  • Distillation – technology and choosing the right gear for the right purpose
  • Distillation process – technical management and unpacking problems
  • Distillery visit and drinks

Friday 3 November

  • Quality management of your spirit, how to do it and why it’s important
  • Making multiple spirits in your distillery – how to best manage this
  • Post distillation control of flavour – maturation and how to avoid spirit profile change
  • CIP and maintenance role of cleaning in place, and what’s needed
  • Business overview – how to grow and what to plan for
  • IBD qualifications and options
  • Distillery visit and dinner
Who’s it for?

This event is ideal for distillers looking for professional development, for those interested to gain an understanding of how IBD qualifications contribute to industry success and for those considering doing the General Certificate. It is designed for people in the industry at all levels of their technical education.

The IBD’s curriculum is regarded as the global standard for distilling and brewing education and provides an accepted industry standard for technical understanding of distilling. The event is best done in conjunction with study online of the General Certificate of Distilling and resultant exams to gain the industry qualification.

The event is organised by Anne Gigney on behalf of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling and the technical tutor will be Ian Thorn, IBD Asia-Pacific’s technical distilling trainer, international Diploma Tutor and IBD Master Distiller.

Normally $1695. Discount available only to DSA members of 10% taking cost to $1525.50.

DSA Womens Network Group:

DSA supports a Women’s Network group within our Membership, with the aim to:
(i) Build connections within the industry
(ii) Support women to thrive in their businesses
(iii) Connect with similar women’s networks globally.

The Network organises regular monthly online catchups with interesting speakers.

If any of our Members or Associate Members are interested in joining, email the Co-Chairs for more information: Angela Davis, angela@gloriouslands.co.nz or Nikki Oesterle, nikki@papaitigin.co.nz