Becoming a member

Membership Criteria

Full Membership is open (depending on approval from the Committee) to any company that owns a distilled spirits product/brand that is manufactured in New Zealand, i.e. where the essential character of the product is created in New Zealand. For clarity, the product must be more than just bottled in New Zealand.

There is also the option of Associate Membership (non-voting) for organisations/ individuals that do not meet the criteria of ordinary membership but are supporters of the industry, including:

  • Raw material, packaging and equipment suppliers, complementary beverage manufacturers, researchers, educators, journalists/ influencers
  • Importers and sellers of non-NZ-made spirits (unless also active in approved membership activities above)
  • Business support – sales, marketing, distribution, systems, insurance, consultants
  • Hobbyists who do not sell their product commercially
  • End-product users such as bars, wineries and cocktail makers

Distilleries which are pre-commercial, preparing to enter the market but have not yet completed NZ legal formalities and do not have a product on the market can apply for Associate Membership – Pre-commercial Distillery.

Foundation Member status applies to those Full and Associate Members who joined before the first AGM, as a recognition for early support of the society.

Code of Conduct

By joining DSA, all Members (Full and Associate) will agree to abide by our Rules, which includes our Code of Conduct:

DSA – 2022 Nov 3 – Rules of Association

Our Code of Conduct reflects our high standards of practice and a regard for our industry’s reputation. This is especially important as our membership continues to grow in numbers, and we have increasing recognition across industry and government circles.

How to become a Member:

Organisations and individuals interested in becoming a member need to apply to the Committee, specifying the way in which the applicant qualifies for membership. The Committee undertakes to review all applications as quickly as possible, usually at the monthly Committee meeting.

Please complete the online application form:

Alternatively, you can email for more information

Membership Fees:

Membership Fees (as approved by the DSA Committee, February 2023)
DSA fees for April 1st 2023 to March 31st 2024:

  • Full membership $250 + GST;
  • Associate membership $100 + GST.

Fees are calculated pro rata to adjust for the month joined during the financial year.

The April 2024 – March 2025 fees will be confirmed before 1st April 2024. The fees will reflect the priorities and budgets as identified by the DSA membership and Committee.