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Evolution Brands

Company Overview

As a local supplier, Evolution Brands are proud to be at the forefront of the New Zealand drinks industry. We take pride in offering Beverage Grade Ethanol that sets the gold standard in the spirits industry, offering an exceptional range of ethanol products tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of beverage and premium spirit producers.

Our core focus is on providing the highest quality Beverage & Premium Spirits Ethanol, meticulously crafted to ensure your creations stand out in a competitive market. Our products are more than just ingredients; they are the foundation of flavor, the essence of purity, and the key to unlocking the full potential of your spirits.

Our commitment to sustainable sourcing and adherence to strict safety standards guarantees a product that’s not only superior in quality but also environmentally responsible and compliant with industry regulations.

Whether you’re crafting artisanal gin, smooth vodka, RTD’s or any premium spirit, our ethanol is designed to elevate your beverage to an extraordinary experience.

Explore & discover how Evolution Brands can elevate your beverage crafting to new heights.

Choose Evolution Brands for an unmatched blend of quality, innovation, and excellence in every drop.

Evolution Brands

Contact Person: Brendan Durant


Mobile: +64 21 262 9966

Website: Evolution Brands