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IMCD New Zealand Ltd

Company Overview

IMCD is a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals, food and beverage ingredients. Through our technical, marketing and supply chain expertise we bring added value and growth to both our customers and principal partners throughout the world. We support the New Zealand Beverage Industry with a wide range of products, including Lallemand Distilling Yeasts (Distilamax) and Nutrients (Distilavite) for fermentation, DD Williams Caramels, Cabot Norit Carbon and Givaudan Flavours. We also offer products for clarification, stabilisation and filtration to suit many beverage applications including spirit, beer, wine, ciders and flavoured water production. We are happy to assist members of the DSA with technical support from our many suppliers for your specific spirit production applications.

Of interest to DSA members…

  1. Distilamax RM (Rum), MW (Malt Whisky), GW (Grain Whisky) and other Yeasts (Lallemand).
  2. Activated Carbon for De-odourising and De-colourising (Norit).
  3. Caramel Liquids and Powders for colour (DD Williams).
  4. Wide range of Flavours (one of the largest flavour house’s in the world – Givaudan).

IMCD New Zealand Ltd

Contact Person: Warren Strickett


Mobile: 0272462375

Alternate landline: +64(0)95820314



459 Great South Road


Auckland 1061