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Rockwood Glass

Company Overview

With both full & semi-automatic glass bottle production lines, Rockwood can produce from 15,000 to over 1,000,000 bottles per order. We focus on Quality, Speed, and Price.

Custom glass bottles are Rockwood’s specialty. Most of our clients – USA, Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba), Dubai, Europe (France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom), NZ choose to go with a customized and personalised glass mould. This mould and glass bottle design is private and exclusively owned by our customer’s brands. Rockwood offers European know-how and technology as well as inhouse design.

Of interest to DSA members…

Rockwood’s concept is for you to own your private customized mould and bottle. Advantages include:

  • Private mould prices start from $3,800 -$4,500 (750ml bottle)
  • Entry level glass sample mould at $1,500 which takes about one month for tooling or an acrylic mould at $450 that takes about 10 days and you can make any changes you need. If required, our expert team of designers and sales engineers can assist with your design.
  • From this sample mould we will make 5 to 7 bottles.
  • You have the option to apply baked silk screening label, serigraphy, or paper labels
  • Once you have approved the final product, Rockwood needs up to 45 days for the tooling of the mass production mould. The final product is then produced in less than 45 days.
  • Short manufacturing delays bringing your product to market at a faster rate than your competitors (even if shipping from Shanghai, China takes a few extra weeks)

Rockwood Hines Glass (NZ)

Contact Person: Grant Finn


Mobile: 027 24 24 876


Post: 5 Lune St
Oamaru 9400