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South Botanicals Ltd

Company Overview

We are keen Southland farmers, embarking on the journey of growing premium Angelica for the incredible NZ gin industry. This idea stemmed from a spirit tasting event hosted by Cadrona Distillery, where we discovered Angelica’s crucial role in gin flavour profiles. Coincidentally, this is a weed on Reuben and Kate’s farm, so we thought why not try growing it as a crop? We are going to plant 2 ha this Spring over diverse sites, and trial different sowing techniques and fertiliser used, to learn about the plant and how we can make it grow to its full potential. With an affinity for innovation, and love for the land, we’re excited by this opportunity.

We seek to collaborate with you; to unlock the boundless potential of Angelica. As we are starting out, we are keen to hear from any gin distiller, to learn about their Angelica currently purchased and what you are looking for in the product. We would appreciate you filling out this 5 minute survey, and are happy for you to give us a call (Reuben 027 525 2030) . The link to the survey is here: Survey

South Botanicals Ltd

Contact Person: Reuben Burgess


Mobile: 0275252030

Post: 371 Casey Road
Southland 9082