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Southern Distilling

Company Overview

Southern Distilling was established in Timaru in 2000 to distil malt whiskey and to provide a replica of the legendary Hokonui Moonshine to the museum in Gore. Peter had been distilling for over 30 years. Beginning with 2000 litre fermentation tanks and an 800 litre still, the product range grew to include Blended Malt and Single Malt Whiskies. Innovative ageing using oak charred over local peat blends produced distinctive flavours with the McKenzie achieving a 7 out of 10 in a Whiskey Magazine review. Currently 70% of our business is offshore but with growth in NZ craft distilling, Southern Distilling expects to become involved in many local projects.


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All of the plant was sold to the Hokonui Trust in 2004, and Southern Distilling now provides design expertise, process systems and a large range of specialist ingredients materials such as oaks, carbons, enzymes and malts.

Our Auckland factory also produces a wide range of preblend concentrates for spirits, liqueurs and RTD’s. We stock bulk premium neutral spirit from grain and sugar cane.

We also operate an auto ROPP line specialising in 50ml glass or plastic miniatures.

Southern Distilling

Contact Person: Peter Wheeler
Mobile: (Peter Wheeler) 021 998 255

Post: 8 View Road, Henderson,
Auckland 0612