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Still Magic Pty Ltd

Company Overview

The Still Magic narrative stems from a simple question posed to me in 2014 when establishing the Poor Toms Gin business in Sydney; is there a ginmaking book for beginners, written by a distiller?
The short answer was ‘no’ but I committed to writing it. The craft spirits gin boom is a global phenomenon, and one that the Australasian region has embraced with vigour.

My spirits career began with United Distillers NZ, Auckland in 1987 as an assistant distiller. Our portfolio included distilling Tanqueray, Gordon’s, Booth’s, Boords, Boodles, Vickers, and gins for contract packaging.

My clients are:
• established business owners planning to scale up operations.
• established business owners seeking a move into craft spirits,
• established business owners intent on streamlining their backend (red work) and end-to-end business functions (blue work), to focus on strategic planning (black work)

Of interest to DSA members…

• Strategic planning (product, brand, marketing, sales, distribution)
• New product consulting
• Copy creation for mainstream and social media distribution
• Long form media creation (podcasts)
• End to end business planning from concept to commercialisation

Still Magic Pty Limited

Contact Person: Marcel Thompson


Mobile: 0275 264 517

Alternate landline: +64(7) 884-4582


Post: 49 Whitaker St
Te Aroha
Waikato 3320