NZ Whisky Definition

Members of Distilled Spirits Aotearoa involved in whisky production have, by consensus, developed a standard for Whisky producers in New Zealand. The aim of these definitions is to protect, promote and grow our industry, to ensure that New Zealand is recognised as a premium, quality producing country, whilst allowing for the creativity which defines us.

The standard is New Zealand Whisky Guidelines and Definitions – February 18 2021

Key Outcomes for NZ Whisky

  1. A quality product for consumers and the industry, benefitting both consumers and producers
  2. A global NZ whisky industry brand that builds with confidence
  3. Agreed naming, producing and labelling conventions
  4. Development of a positive and supportive whisky producers’ community
  5. Clear origin of ingredients, with clarity for consumers

DSA formally accepted the NZ Whisky Definition into the DSA regulations on 23 February 2021.

An associated NZ Whisky sub-committee will now continue the work, in partnership with the DSA, towards the process of legislation, communication and branding. At the moment this committee consists of:

Mat and Rachael Thomson (Thomson Whisky)
Matt Johns (The Pokeno Whisky Company)
Antony Michalik (The Spirits Workshop)
Soren Crabb (1919 Distilling)
Sarah Elsom and Desiree Whitaker (Cardrona Distillery)
Sue James (BeGin Distilling)
Tash McGill (Sola Fida Consulting) – Chair

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