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A Winning Influence (NZ) Ltd

Company Overview

A Winning Influence specialises in top of the bottle products for wineries, breweries and distilleries.  The company was established by Alberico Miranda, a veteran of the Portuguese cork industry after visiting New Zealand in 2002 and falling in love with the country.  Late 2003, he set up a cork plant at the WineWorks complex in Hastings complete with printing and treatment facilities.  Since that time, our range has grown to include bottle capsules, screw caps, bar top closures, barrels and oak products from French and Portuguese cooperages as well as our specialty, cork.  We work with established European manufacturers and it is through our association with these excellent manufacturers, our quality focus and our customer-centred approach, that our aim is to deliver to our customers a winning influence with each and every product supplied.


We have a range of products which DSA members may be interested in including bar top closures, screw cap closures, bottle capsules (to cover a bar top) and also barrels and oak products.  We carry stock of each of these products in NZ and customised products can be brought out at any time.  The bar top closures that we supply are available with either a natural or a micro-agglomerated cork closure.  We offer a range of tops (plastic, wooden or metallic look) in a variety of sizes and colours and with decorative options such as printing, engraving or embossing.  Your imagination is our limit!

A Winning Influence (NZ) Ltd

Contact Person: Mary Dinwiddie or Alberico Miranda


Mobile: + 64 274 200 002

Alternate landline: +64 (06) 879 6074


Post: 14 James Rochfort Place