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Micronz Ltd

Company Overview

Micronz is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company since 2006, providing specialist products and support to clients across the New Zealand Food and Beverage industry.

Offering process filtration and laboratory equipment from Sartorius and Filtrox Carlson, as well as technical advice and support throughout the country.

Of interest to DSA members…

– Scalable full site filtration and lab solutions for craft and commercial distilleries.
– Inert filtration equipment and media for barrel aged whiskies, gins, and infused liqueurs.
– Filtration and treatment for process and cutting water, including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems.
– Specialised depth media for Chill Haze and Calcium Oxalate (crystal formation) removal.
– Capsule filtration systems for small scale runs and bottle washing equipment.
– New Zealand based team for support and advice.

Micronz Ltd

Contact Person:

Steve Tarring – Director
Ian Goode – National Sales Manager
Linz Tarring – F&B Manager


Landline: 0800 224 426


Post: 40 Naples Street
Martinborough 5711