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Q-Liquid Ltd

Company Overview

We are an Auckland-based wholesaler and retailer of European delicacies and beverages since 2004. We import and distribute a wide range of European products such as beer, cider, wine, vodka, brandy, whisky, gin and many more. We are always on the lookout for innovative products that introduce a point of difference for consumers. For example, a recent shipment from Norway included Mack Isbjorn gluten-free beer, which is low in carbs and sugar, while another from Central Europe/Poland included two new fruit wines (cherry and black currant)

We are excited to become a member of this association and also invite you to view our websites to check what we do :

Q-Liquid Liquor –
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Q-Liquid Ltd

Contact Person: Stas


Landline: 0800 111 828


Post: 232A Neilson Street
Auckland 1061