Spring Botanicals

Company Overview

Spring Botanicals supplies specialist plant-based ingredients for the New Zealand distilling industry.

The Spring Botanicals property is located at the headwaters of a mountain stream on the slopes of the Pouakai Ranges of Mount Taranaki. Just one paddock away from the boundary of the Egmont National Park, the Spring Botanicals property has a unique combination of soil and climate characteristics growing plants which have reliable and vibrant flavour attributes.

Utilising sustainability principles to grow the botanicals, harvested material is then dried naturally to capture and hold desired flavour components. These ingredients are then vacuum packed to maintain the quality of the product when delivered to the customer.

Spring Botanicals provides the opportunity for specialist ingredient development, working together with individual Distillers, to research and grow botanicals suitable for their unique recipes. Spring Botanicals will develop plant management programs to ensure that a continuous supply of high quality, locally grown, botanicals are available to match on-going production requirements.

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Spring Botanicals

Contact Person: Mark James
Email: Mark@SpringBotanicals.co.nz
Mobile: +64 027 555 0990

Farm Location: Carrington Road, Hurworth, Taranaki

Post: 55 Waiwaka Terrace, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312